Library Commission

Commission Meeting

The City of Moreno Valley has a Library Commission, which provides input and recommendations regarding the development, implementation and maintenance of the City's library programs and services.

The Commission consists of nine commissioners.

Commission Members

Staff: Patty Yhuit, Parks & Community Services Admin & Financial Services Division Manage; Recording Secretary: Iesha Shabazz

  • James O. Harris Jr, Chair
    Term expires 6/30/25
  • Mona Lisa Stallworth, Vice Chair
    Term expires 6/30/24
  • Jenn Carson
    Term expires 6/30/26
  • Ginger Baker
    Term expires 6/30/26
  • Tashia Hilliard
    Term expires 6/30/24
  • Lynnette Sullivan
    Term expires 6/30/26
  • Vacant
    Term expires 6/30/24
  • Vacant (Alternate)
    Term expiration TBD