Environmental and Historical Preservation Board

Board Meeting

The Environmental and Historical Preservation Board considers matters of environmental concern and particularly those pertaining to the use, manufacture, production, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials and waste within or affecting the City. The Board also considers matters pertaining to the preservation of the City's heritage and cultures, including the designation of landmarks and review of all restoration, rehabilitation, alteration and demolition projects in preservation areas. The Board educates the citizens about the City's heritage and matters of environmental concern to the community.

Urban Forestry

The purpose of the Urban Forestry Program is to advance the development of a healthy and sustainable urban forest within the City of Moreno Valley. The "urban forest" consists of trees planted in public places such as parks, along street medians and parkways, in parking lots and landscaped areas around businesses, street trees along the public right-of-way, and in homeowner's yards. Trees provide energy conservation in buildings and vehicles; reduce storm-water runoff; extend the life of surface streets; improve local air, soil and water quality; reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide; provide wildlife habitat; and increase property values. Trees give us shady sidewalks and parks, and improve quality of life in our urban environments.

The following web sites contain information on urban forestry, including tree selection and care, that the citizens of Moreno Valley can use to enhance their own contributions to our urban forest:

Board Members

Staff: Claudia Manrique-Miklusek, Associate Planner and Patty Castreje, Administrative Assistant

  • Sammie Luna
    Term expires 06/30/27
  • Gabriela Mendez
    Term expires 12/31/24
  • Farrah Pleasant
    Term expires 06/30/26
  • Stan Yombo
    Term expires 06/30/26
  • Mitzi Archer
    Term expires 06/30/25
  • Dr. Mary McBean
    Term expires 06/30/25
  • Nathan Urena
    Term expires 06/30/25
  • Vacant (Alternate)
    Term expiration TBD