Commission Meeting

The Arts Commission will consider matters pertaining to the planning for the arts in the City; facilitating interaction among artists; promoting arts activities and education; recognizing achievement in arts; providing a mechanism for public participation in the arts; advising the City Council on the involvement of arts in economic development; supporting and assisting existing organizations involved in arts and/or culture in the City; reinforcing the City’s identity and civic pride through arts and culture; recognizing the importance of arts to the City’s quality of life; researching grants for arts and culture and making recommendations for the City Council; encouraging service organizations and/or other governmental agencies to propose, finance, and give public arts projects to the City; reviewing and considering proposed gifts as to their artistic quality, authenticity, appropriate site, and maintenance and installation costs; and research and provide reports and recommendations of possible sources of funding, in addition to public funds for potential City public art projects.

“The Moreno Valley Arts Commission is a local art agency appointed by the Moreno Valley City Council. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life by encouraging, promoting, and fostering artistic and cultural enrichment within the City of Moreno Valley.”

The Arts Commission sponsors the

Commission Members

Staff: Claudia Torres, Special Events & Facilities Division Manager, and Jeanine Heynen, Management Assistant

  • Arzill Beason (Alternate)
    Term expires: 6/30/2026
  • Evangelina Weiss
    Term expires 6/30/26
  • Lizbeth Orellana
    Term expires 6/30/25
  • Samantha Contreras
    Term expires 6/30/25
  • Andrea Austin
    Term expires 6/30/25
  • Genevieve Aleman
    Term expires 6/30/26
  • Rosana Anguiano Cortez
    Term expires 6/30/27
  • Nias Des Verney, Teen Member
    Term expires 6/30/25
  • Vacant, Teen Member
    Term expires three years after the effective date of appointment, or until high school graduation, whichever comes first
  • Vacant
    Term TBD