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Frequently Asked Questions —Zoning

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  • What is the zoning and permitted uses for a particular property?

    Zoning information is available by creating a Parcel Report using the City's GIS map  (see the instructions for using the GIS map) Below is a list of permitted uses by zone:

  • Can I see a Zoning Map?

    The City’s interactive zoning map can be found here.

  • Can a property be rezoned?

    A change of zone request requires public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council.

    The request must be consistent with the City’s General Plan; if not consistent, a General Plan Amendment is required. Please review the Change of Zone and General Plan applications for submittal requirements.

  • Can I divide or merge my land?

    Yes, if a proposed division or merger complies with the City’s minimum development.

    For subdivisions and lot line adjustments and parcel mergers please contact the Land Development Division.

  • What are the setback requirements for my zone?

    Different zones have different setback requirements. Check these links to the City Code for details:

  • What are the fence and wall requirements for a residentially zoned property?

    Here are the general residential fence and wall requirements:

    • The maximum height requirement between two properties is 6 feet along side and rear property lines.
    • Fences and walls located in front the setback can be a maximum of 3’ tall of a solid durable material.
    • Fencing the front yard greater than 3’ tall must be an open material providing a minimum 75% visibility up to 6’ high.

    Visit the Fences and Walls section of the City Code for more information.

  • What kind of animals can I keep on a residential property?

    Roosters are prohibited in the City. Other livestock, such as chickens, goats, horses and pigs are regulated by zoning and size of property. All residential properties are allowed to have cats and dogs.
    See the Animal Keeping Requirements Table.