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Dog Licenses

All dogs living in Moreno Valley that are four months of age and older must be licensed. Dog licensing is an important element for rabies control in your community. It is also helpful in reuniting lost pets and their owners.

City Ordinance Section 10.02.020 states: It is unlawful for any person to own, harbor or maintain any dog(s) over four (4) months of age within the City for a period longer than (30) days, unless such Dog shall have a currently valid rabies vaccination and license tag.

Getting a License

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You can purchase or renew your dog license online:

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To apply for a dog license, a current Rabies Vaccination Certificate from a licensed veterinarian is required.  If your dog is spayed or neutered, also provide a Sterility Certificate to receive discounted pricing.
Dog License Application: in English | en Español

License Fees

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  • Why License Your Dog

    There are many good reasons to license your dog, the foremost being that it is a City law. Following are some other reasons that you may not have considered.

    Lost Animals 
    Moreno Valley Animal Services cared for more than 5,700 animals last year. Most of these were lost or abandoned. Less than 13% were reunited with their owners. A currently licensed dog, with a tag, will be sheltered at least 10 days for the owner to claim. An unlicensed dog may only be kept 5 days. If your dog is lost anywhere, the license number can be traced back to you. A license can be a ticket home for a lost dog.

    Injured Animals 
    Your dog's license will make it possible for us to contact you if your dog is injured. It also allows us to take your animal to your veterinarian if you cannot be reached. A license could mean the difference between life and death for your companion.

    Dog Bite and Rabies Prevention
    Nearly 259 dog bites were reported last year in the City of Moreno Valley. Your dog license is proof that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies. The rabies vaccination protects your pet and your family from a very dangerous and deadly disease.

    Cost Savings
    Every dog over 4 months old requires a license. If your dog is unlicensed you can be cited and fined. You really can't afford not to license your dog. We are doing all we can to protect your pet from harm, but we can't do it alone. Print out and mail in the license form on this web site to order a license today. Your dog will be lost without it! Did you know that you can save even more money by altering your pet. There are many advantages to having your pet spayed or neutered.

  • Don't Think You Need a License?

    ...We've Heard It All

    Many people feel that they have a good reason why their dog doesn't need to be licensed. Here are some of the most common excuses we hear, and the reasons why your pet still needs a license.

    "My dog hates to wear a collar..." 
    Your dog would also hate to be lost without a license: he or she might not return to you! With a bit of training, any dog can wear a collar and license.

    "My dog never leaves the yard..." 
    We hear that one every day! We also received over 8,000 stray animals last year and many of them never got home. It only takes ONE time for your dog to get lost.

    "If my dog gets lost, I'll find her at the shelter..."
    A licensed dog has a much better chance of getting home. What if your dog gets hit by a car, and is NOT at the shelter? An injured stray dog wearing a license will be promptly treated if taken to a veterinarian. You need that insurance for YOUR dog!

    "I can't afford a license..." 
    The cost is minimal, especially when you consider the average expenses incurred by responsible pet owners for nutritious pet food and regular veterinary care. In addition, a person finding a licensed dog can trace the owner, thus avoiding the need to impound the dog at the animal shelter. Impound fees to reclaim an unlicensed dog can be steep. Given the advantages of being licensed, you can't afford NOT to license your dog.