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Whatever your ability, age, gender, race, religion, or schedule, there is a way for you to become a part of this exciting and rewarding program. Volunteering is an important way to take ownership in your community. Come join us and make the City of Moreno Valley an even better place to live!

Volunteer of the Year Award

The City Council takes great pride in the many volunteers who contribute time, expertise and talent to our community. Each year, an outstanding volunteer is selected as Volunteer of the Year and City Council proudly recognizes this volunteer with a plaque honoring his or her service to the citizens of Moreno Valley during a formal presentation. Those selected as Volunteer of the Year include:

2018 Volunteer of the Year – Pamela Lowell

Volunteer of the Year, Pamela Lowell with Councilmember Baca, Fire Chief Abdul Ahmad, and Emergency Management Program Manager Zuzzette Bricker.Pamela (Pam) Lowell joined the Emergency Response Force (ERF) Group in 2015 and joined the ACES/RACES (RACES) Emergency Communications Group in 2018.  She is also a volunteer for the police department.  Since joining ERF, Pam has remained active throughout her 5 years as part of the group.  She is CPR and First Aid certified, is trained in Shelter Operations, and holds a HAM amateur radio license.  She has responded to emergency call-outs and activations providing support services to our Fire and Police personnel during emergency incidents.  During the 2017 and 2018 storm events, she was providing support in the city’s Emergency Operations Center answering phones, monitoring our radio communications, and providing support to the EOC staff.

When she is not supporting emergency incidents and activations, Pam is active in our outreach programs throughout the city.  She supports our Public Safety Expo by providing logistical support as well as public education during the event.  She’s provided First Aid and rehabilitation for our 4th of July Parade and Fun Fest, Springtastic Festival and Egg Hunt, and supported the Parks & Recreations department during their Summer Concert and Movie Night at the CRC.  Additionally, she has helped train students at our local high schools on how to utilize fire extinguishers, and provided support for our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, which is held several times each year.  She stays involved with all types of wellness and public education events throughout the year that Fire/OEM have been invited to attend, including the city’s annual Youth Fest and National Night Out.  Lastly, during the holidays, she is active in supporting our Spark of Love Toy Drive.

Pam continues to be a vital part of our ERF and RACES team by maintaining her skills by attending the specialized training we provide and require of all our team members.

Past volunteers of the year:

Click on a name for more details.

arrowMilton Adams – 2017

Milton AdamsMilton Adams has been a member of the City’s Emergency Response Force (ERF) since 2013.  When not volunteering for ERF, he also volunteers for the Police Department.  Milt, as he is known by, is always enthusiastic, organized and is a natural leader.  He is dedicated and makes himself available in short notice to assist in response and other activities.

During the January and February storms of 2017, Milt provided logistical support to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and provided real-time damage assessment from the field by driving the entire city through the storm to report back to the EOC flooded and damaged areas.

Milt has responded to numerous police and fire incidents, including traffic accidents and evacuation shelters.  He also takes lead, working along side of our other ERF team members, in providing First Aid and Hydration for the participants that attend the Hikes to the Top sponsored by the Parks and Recreations Department, the 4th of July Parade and Fun Fest.  He also provides logistical and field support for our Fire Department & Office of Emergency Management training exercises and drills, including the City’s full scale exercise, the fire departments live fire burn exercise, and our Community Emergency Response Team training.  Additionally, he helps teach Fire Extinguisher & Fire Safety to local area high school students.

When not responding to incidents, he attends events such as our annual Public Safety Expo and Youth Fest as our ambassador providing disaster and emergency preparedness education.  He also helps maintain our response vehicles, our support trailers, and our EOC.

arrow Kelly Vela – 2016

Kelly VelaPhotographer Kelly Vela was selected as the City of Moreno Valley 2016 Volunteer of the Year for her dedication to photographing shelter animals in a flattering way to help them find their forever homes.

Kelly has photographed more than 1,200 shelter animals since she began volunteering at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in 2014.

Her photographs showcase shelter animals in a beautiful, warm way that makes them more appealing to prospective families. More than 90 percent of the animals she has photographed have been adopted, returned to their owners, rescued by an animal partner or transferred to another shelter to be adopted.

In 2012, Kelly and her husband Gil, started a project called “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lives” to depict shelter animals in a positive light. Through their company, Dos Vela Images, the couple is dedicated to spending time with shelter animals, gaining their trust, and ultimately taking a beautiful picture to help these animals get adopted.

Kelly is always trying to think of ways to add new dimensions to her project. In an effort to highlight the dedicated staff members working at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter, she is in the process of taking photographs of staff members to add to her album of shelter animals.

The City of Moreno Valley is grateful for the time and dedication Kelly has devoted to the City’s Animal Shelter. Her work continues to highlight the benefits of adopting a shelter animal.

arrow Joshua Goins – 2015

Joshua GoinsThe City of Moreno Valley is pleased to recognize Joshua Goins as the 2015 Volunteer of the Year. Joshua has been an integral part of the Parks and Community Services Department for over 5 years, volunteering as a coach for the Pee Wee and Junior Sports Programs. He has dedicated much of his time investing into the lives of the team participants, teaching them important traits and values including sportsmanship, fair play and responsibility.

Joshua has proven his ability and willingness to go above and beyond his coaching responsibilities to ensure each child gains confidence in the sport, themselves and the entire team. He is a positive role model for the children in the program and is highly respected by both the parents that are involved, as well as the employees within the Parks and Community Services Department.

The skill level of each child varies throughout the different sports programs, which allows Joshua to demonstrate his patience and ability to guide and instruct children of all levels. He provides opportunity for family members to become actively involved in each sport, encouraging interaction with their children’s new learning experiences. The program participants, team members, staff and parents admire his passion and love for coaching and the enthusiasm he brings to each game. Joshua has invested in many positive relationships with his team members and families which will have a lasting effect for years to come.

The City of Moreno Valley is beyond grateful for the time and dedication that Joshua has devoted to the City’s Parks and Community Services’ sports programs. He has become an important member of the department and continues to make a positive impact by volunteering his time to enhance the overall success of each individual on his team.

arrow Matthew Shoemaker – 2014

Photo of Volunteer of the year Matthew ShoemakerThe City of Moreno Valley is pleased to announce Matthew Shoemaker as the 2014 Volunteer of the Year.   Similar to many other agencies and organizations, services that are provided by the City of Moreno Valley are enhanced by the passion and talents of volunteers. The work that Matthew Shoemaker has done to elevate the awareness of the needs of animals at the Animal Shelter has been monumental.

The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter and MVTV-3 currently host the “Pets of the Week” program, which is broadcasted to the community on a weekly basis to showcase specific cats and dogs currently up for adoption and awaiting a new home. Mr. Shoemaker has been an integral part of MV3’s effort to produce those weekly programs by co-producing, writing, editing and creating new graphics for each episode.

Mr. Shoemaker’s work has a positive impact by increasing the number of pets that have been adopted from Moreno Valley’s Animal Shelter. He also spends his time photographing the animals at the shelter, so that they can also be highlighted on the MV3 Bulletin Board Service.

Additionally, he assisted staff during City events such as Moreno Valley’s 30th Anniversary Ceremony and the Moreno Valley Wind Symphony concert in which he was a camera operator for MVTV-3.

The City of Moreno Valley is extremely grateful for the time and dedication that Mr. Shoemaker has given to benefit the City’s programs and events. He has become an important member of the team and continues to make positive impacts by contributing his time and talents wherever the need may arise.

arrow Audrey Trice – 2013

Audrey TriceThe City of Moreno Valley announced that Audrey Trice was selected as the 2013 Volunteer of the Year.

Audrey Trice has visited and volunteered at the Moreno Valley Senior Community Center for 21 years, since its doors opened. Ms. Trice volunteers at the front desk of the Moreno Valley Senior Community Center greeting guests and answering phones to provide information regarding senior programs and activities. She provides referral information to guests for social service programs regarding aging issues, legal aid, housing assistance, transportation, medical programs, and nutrition programs to help seniors secure a productive, save and healthy lifestyles. On Monday mornings, Ms. Trice volunteers to sort bulk bread donated by Winco into individual packages that on average provides bread to 75 seniors.

The staff and guests of the Moreno Valley Senior Community Center are extremely grateful for Ms. Trice’s commitment to helping seniors in our community and for being such an amazing and giving person. Deservingly so, she goes by the name Big Mamma for her benevolent heart and for always volunteering for whatever may be needed.

Ms. Trice was recognized by the Moreno Valley City Council on April 8 and at the Community Connect dinner on April 9.

arrow Shor Denny – 2012

Shor DennyThe Public Works Department, Transportation Engineering Division is proud to announce Shor Denny as their recognized City Volunteer of the Year.

Shor Denny, on a routine basis, exemplifies the qualities of someone that goes well above what would be expected of a volunteer. In a grass roots effort by Shor Denny, the Moreno Valley Safe Routes to School (MVSRTS) program was launched on National Walk to School Day in Oct. 2011.  The intent of the program is to encourage children to walk to school at least once a week during the school year.  Students walking to school provide for reduced traffic congestion around the schools and encourage healthy living and livable communities.  In the beginning, the program had the participation of two schools, 40 students, and 12 volunteers.  By the end of the school year, the program had grown to participation by 4 schools, 446 students and over 40 volunteers. This rapid growth was all coordinated by Shor Denny, with countless hours of effort and no financial compensation.  In the 2012 school year, Shor has achieved many noteworthy accomplishments including partnering with Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD) to generate a school policy in support of MVSRTS, partnering with the City of Moreno Valley to develop and successfully receive a grant from Caltrans that will bring financial support to the program, and partnering with local businesses, such as Bob’s Big Boy, Chick-Fil-A and Coldstone to provide supplies and other support for the volunteers.  Additionally, working with the City, 30 volunteers have been given Crossing Guard training, and all of the volunteers have received fingerprint background checks.

MVSRTS program is now active at 11 schools, has over 900 students that have signed up to work at least once a week, and has a volunteer staff approaching 100 participants.  The volunteers put in an average of 700 hours a month.  The program positively impacts over 9700 children on a weekly basis.  The overwhelming success of the program, and the many benefits realized by the residents of the City of Moreno Valley, could not have been achieved without the daily time and financial sacrifices made by Shor Denny.   In consideration of all the time and effort that has been brought forth by Shor Denny to make the MVSRTS program such a success, she has been presented the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award.

arrow MV3 Interns – 2010
Photo of MVTV-3 Interns

The City Manager's Office is proud to announce that our MV3 interns have been recognized as the City's Volunteers of the Year for 2010.

Our talented and creative (and unpaid) interns include:

Steven Morel, a graduate of Moreno Valley College and Cal State San Bernardino, is the creator and producer of the "Pet of the Week" videos, is a News Center reporter and producer, and assists with coverage of our live meetings. Earlier this month Steven was awarded a third place honor from the Southern California, Arizona and Nevada municipal television association for the Pet of the Week videos. Steven has volunteered over 1300 hours to MV3.

Jarrett Wegelin, a graduate of Moreno Valley College and currently a student at Cal State Northridge, is a reporter and producer for News Center and is responsible for the production of a number of Public Service Announcements including ones for the Spark of Love and Police Department volunteers programs to name just a couple. Jarrett has logged in over 700 volunteer hours for MV3.

Trent Terrell, currently attending Moreno Valley College, logged in over 860 volunteer hours for MV3. In addition to producing numerous items for Channel 3 including the skate park, Cottonwood golf course, and Norma Lopez PSAs, Trent has shared his considerable expertise with the other interns by implementing a camera training program.

Jarred Endres, a student of Cal State Long Beach and graduate of Moreno Valley College, has volunteered over 1400 hours and was an important part of many of MV3's most notable productions including the Mission MoVal reality show and numerous Business Spotlight productions. Jarred received special recognition from the Council for his role in developing and producing the special video introduction to last year's State of the City address.

Kyle Dagenhart, a graduate of Crafton Hills College and currently a student at Cal State Northridge, has volunteered almost 800 hours to MV3. Kyle produces many of our News Center items and has been particularly helpful to us in creating and monitoring the City's YouTube page and other social media outlets.

Tim Barnes, a student at Santa Barbara Community College, is our newest intern and still has volunteered over 350 hours of time to MV3. In addition to contributing to News Center productions, Tim recently created a PSA for the Military Appreciation banner program and also helps us out with our live meeting coverages and updating the Ch. 3 bulletin board slides.

We thank these talented and creative young men for their time and effort in making MV3 a better channel and we appreciate their tremendous energy and volunteerism on behalf of the City of Moreno Valley. The MV3 staff has put together a very brief video representation of our interns which we would like to show you.

arrow Alma Mittleider – 2009

Photo of Alma MittleiderMittleider, 77, has been a member of the Moreno Valley Friends of the Library for numerous years and has been directly involved with the Book Nook for over a decade. The Friends of the Library Book Nook offers thousands of books, videos, CDs, magazines and other items available at yard sale prices to all library customers. Since Mittleider took over as the Book Nook Keeper in 2005 over $50,000 has been raised to help support the library.

The revenue received by the Friends of the Library Book Nook is utilized to purchase materials and equipment for the library and has provided sponsorships for various library programs. For example, the Friends of the Library has purchased large quantities of children’s books as well as two monitors to display the queuing of computer users waiting for computers to become available in the library’s computer lab. Another major contribution by the Friends of the Library has been the purchase of supplies and incentives for the library’s annual summer reading programs. Without their help, the library would not have been able to provide this very popular program.

Mittleider is a very dedicated volunteer who comes into the library three to five days a week to sift through donations, often working six hours a day. She sorts and distributes up to 500 donated items a day. In fiscal year 2008-09, Mittleider worked over 500 hours with the Book Nook. She works tirelessly and sets a great example of high work ethic and dedication for the volunteers who work alongside her, as well as for library staff.


arrow Gerald (Jerry) Bagley – 2008

Jerry Bagley Volunteeer of the Year 2008The City Council takes great pride in the many volunteers who contribute time, expertise and talent to our community.  Each year, an outstanding volunteer is selected as Volunteer of the Year and City Council proudly recognizes this volunteer with a plaque honoring his or her service to the citizens of Moreno Valley during a formal presentation. At a special hearing held on February 24, 2009, Moreno Valley City Council proudly recognized Gerald (Jerry) Bagley as Volunteer of the Year for 2008.  Mr. Bagley has been an active City volunteer since July 2002.  During 2008, Mr. Bagley volunteered 748 hours of service to our Police Department, not to mention the additional hours he puts into other City volunteer programs.  The programs Mr. Bagley volunteers for include our Citizens Patrol; Police Department Office Volunteer; Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); and ACES/RACES (ham radio emergency communication).  Mr. Bagley has also volunteered his time as a member of the Moreno Valley Traffic Safety Committee. As an active participant of our Citizens Patrol,  Jerry performs high visibility neighborhood patrols and participates in handicapped parking enforcement; vacation/property checks; business checks; traffic control; DUI/safety check points; burglary surveillance; and robbery surveillance.   As a Police Department Office Volunteer, Jerry works closely with crime analysts, inputting information from our Field Interview Reports that officers utilize.  Mr. Bagley inputs this information into a computer database, which can be instrumental in identifying suspects and solving crimes.  In addition to these duties, Jerry makes himself available to respond to call-outs (major crime scene incidents).  Call-outs often require up to twelve hours of a volunteer's time.  Mr. Bagley also participates in special events, which include City sponsored events and other agency-sponsored events such as events offered by churches, civic groups, and businesses.

Mr. Bagley's volunteer work does not stop here.  He also is a member of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which is trained to provide light search and rescue, medical triage, disaster fire suppression, and damage assessment AND he is a member of our ACES/RACES emergency communication team that utilizes HAM radio communications.  In his 'spare' time, Jerry is an active member of the Moreno Valley Il Sorrento Mobile home park disaster committee.

During his tenure with the City, Mr. Bagley has received commendations from his supervisors for his professionalism and dedication to service. Congratulations Jerry!


arrow George Reichers – 2007

George Reichers volunteer

In 2006, Mr. Reichers volunteered 1,749 hours of service for the City of Moreno Valley's Police Department.  During this time, he responded to over one dozen major crime scene incidents, each requiring up to twelve hours of commitment.  Mr. Riechers assisted the Moreno Valley Police Department with our "Sister City Tour."  He escorted VIP's and dignitaries from the Mexican City of San Juan de Los Lagos to various City sites, answered questions and attended to their needs.  In addition, Mr. Riechers participated in the 2006 March Air Reserve Base Air Show, where he assisted with traffic control, helped on the flight line when needed and answered questions from the public.  George regularly volunteers with the Logistics and the Crime Analysis Units as well.  Mr. Riechers is on his fourth term as a member of the Moreno Valley Planning Commission and is a founding member of the Hidden Springs Residents Committee.  Mr. Reichers is a resident of Moreno Valley since 1990 and is married to his wife, Jan.
Congratulations George!


arrow Tim Coleman – 2006

Tim Coleman In 2006, the City Council recognized as Volunteer of the Year, Tim Coleman, a volunteer in the City's Emergency Response Force program. Tim began his emergency volunteer career with the City of Moreno Valley in 1994. As an active member of our Emergency Response Force team, Tim responds to calls day or night and on Holidays and weekends. Using our Emergency Response Force Rig, he responds to assist by providing first aid, firefighter rehabilitation and victim comfort during emergency incidents such as structure fires, vegetation fires, gas leaks and hazardous materials incidents. He also responds to help with evacuations, care and shelter, search and rescue, and our multi-agency disaster exercises He tirelessly works safety fairs and provides first aid and help with lost children at special events such as our 4th of July festivities with over 25,000 spectators. In addition to volunteering for our Emergency Response Force team, in 1999, Tim joined our FEMA Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to help him respond during a disaster. We are proud to have Tim Coleman as a professionally-trained emergency volunteer who is enthusiastic and is always willing to serve his community at a moments notice. Congratulations Tim!


arrow Hiltrude Schroeder – 2005

Hildred Schroeder In 2005, the City Council recognized as Volunteer of the Year, Hiltrude Schroeder, a volunteer in the City's Animal Shelter Hiltrude shows dedication with the countless hours she contributes to Animal Services. Hiltrude comes to the shelter every chance she gets, which is almost every day. She takes the dirty, smelly, yucky looking dogs and bathes, trims and cares for them until they find a home. She fosters litter after litter of puppies until they are old enough to be adopted. She takes home and socializes some of the less trusting dogs and invests time with each, teaching them that people can be good. She is patient, sympathetic and extremely caring. And she does all this after she's been working all night at her job. Every one says they love animals, but Hiltrude actually does something about it. She gives so many animals a chance for love. Congratulations Hiltrude!


Volunteer opportunities include**:

  • Animal Shelter Volunteer (18+)
  • Clerical/Secretarial
  • Emergency Response Force (18+) *
  • Ham Radio (18+)* - must have a current Ham license
  • Library Volunteer (14+) - must pass library placement test
  • MV3 Government Access Channel
  • Park Ranger (18+) * * Recreation Coach (18+)*

* These programs require fingerprinting background checks.
**Short-term volunteer opportunities are limited to Animal Services and the Library.

To Become a Volunteer

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application form and either bring it in to City Hall or mail it to Office of Emergency Management and Volunteer Services at:

    City of Moreno Valley
    Office of Emergency Management and Volunteer Services
    14177 Frederick Street
    Moreno Valley, CA 92552

  2. Please allow FOUR WEEKS to process your volunteer application.
  3. The application will be referred to the appropriate department, division or program who will arrange to meet with the candidate and determine placement .
  4. When placement is confirmed the successful candidate will become a part of city government and our community.

For more information about Volunteering...

If you have any questions, give us a call at 951.413.3800. If you would like to speak to someone in person about our volunteer program, please call 951.413.3800 to set up an appointment. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.


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