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MV PD Safety TipsĀ 

Bicycle Safety

Use these tips to help keep safe while riding a bicycle.

  • Keep your bicycle in good condition (tires, chain and breaks)
  • Obey all traffic rules and signs
  • Walk your bike across busy intersections
  • Always ride with the traffic, as close to the curb as you can
  • Be sure the roadway is clear before entering
  • Ride your bike in a designated bike lane, if one is available
  • Always ride single file and watch for opening car doors
  • If you must ride at night, be sure your headlight and reflectors are in good condition
  • Select the safest route to your destination
  • Always wear a helmet; its the law until you are18 years old
  • Only one person is allowed on a bike at any given time
  • Headphones covering both ears may not be worn while operating a bike