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City of Moreno Valley Combats Mail Theft
Pilot program uses solar lighting, motion detectors to deter thieves

Moreno Valley, CA – The City of Moreno Valley recently launched a pilot program aimed at combatting the ever-increasing problem of mail being stolen from residential and business mailboxes.

Mail theft is a chronic and costly problem which affects almost every community throughout the country, with mail thieves routinely targeting cluster mailboxes in commercial and residential complexes. Moreno Valley, unfortunately, is no exception.

The Moreno Valley Ranch Homeowners Association reportedly spent nearly $90,000 in less than two years replacing cluster mailboxes damaged by mail thieves.

As part of the pilot program, the City’s Community Development Department along with Public Works installed solar powered security lights at cluster mailboxes at two different locations, one residential and one commercial.

The solar power fixture installed at each mailbox features a battery storage system, and a motion sensor for additional energy efficiency. The now-illuminated mailboxes are being monitored by the police department over the next several months to determine the effectiveness the lighting has on deterring crime.

The Moreno Valley pilot project is a result of ongoing conversations with the United States Postal Service, the community at large and a desire by the City Council to take proactive steps to deter this type of costly criminal activity.

The City Council is hopeful the pilot project will serve as a model to encourage business owners and homeowners associations to consider options to retrofit their existing cluster mailboxes with lighting as a crime deterrent.

“Mail theft, and the identity theft that occurs as a result, costs our hardworking families time and money to try to restore their good names and reputations,” said Moreno Valley Mayor Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez. “Moreno Valley is committed to keeping our residents and businesses safe. By beginning to bring mailboxes out of the dark and into the light, Moreno Valley is on the forefront of deterring mail and identity thieves and ensuring our residents and businesses will continue to receive their mail without interruption.”

In addition to proactive measures, the United States Postal Service encourages residents to pick up mail immediately after delivery, suspend mail delivery while on vacation, bring outgoing mail to the post office, and to never send cash in the mail.

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