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City Participates in March Air Reserve Base
Civic Leaders Tour

In an effort to bring together communities who share strong support for military bases, officials at March Air Reserve Base coordinated an opportunity for leaders in Riverside County to tour and meet with community leaders near Northern California's Travis Air Force Base and Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona. Moreno Valley Mayor Pro Tem Jeffrey Giba and Chief Financial Officer Marshall Eyerman were part of the County of Riverside contingent, which also included executive business leaders, community leaders, and elected officials.

The two-day event allowed participants to learn about how Air Force Reservists, as Citizen Airmen, execute missions work alongside active duty and Air National Guard forces to provide responsive, strategic mobility for the Department of Defense.

"It was an incredible honor to have been part of this tour as a representative of our region. Community support for military bases is essential for economic stability in the regions where they are located," said Mayor Pro Tem Giba. "As a retired Navy veteran, I've been a long-time March Air Reserve Base supporter and I'm committed to working to strengthen community-wide support of the base in Moreno Valley."

Base tours that took place September 15th and 16th included mission briefings to educate leaders on the significance of the respective missions carried out by local bases, and meetings between civic leaders were held to share ideas and learn from one another in order to develop comprehensive community programs that support the work of military bases and military personnel.

Riverside County participants. Photo courtesy of Public Affairs, 452d Air Mobility Wing.