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Anticipated Power Outage at Eleven Traffic Signals
Beginning at 11:00 p.m. on 03/31/16 Ending at 8:00 a.m. on 04/01/16

Southern California Edison Company (SCE) will be performing maintenance on their electrical system and it is necessary to turn the power off temporarily to eleven traffic signals. All traffic signals in Moreno Valley have battery back-up systems to keep them in operation during power outages. However, due to the duration of the outage, the traffic signals will be set to all-way red flash to conserve power to ensure continuous operation throughout the event.  The specific intersections are:

Frederick Street and Centerpoint Drive
Frederick Street and Brabham Street
Centerpoint Drive and Plaza
Town Circle and Centerpoint Drive
Gateway Drive and Memorial Way
Pigeon Pass Road and Cougar Canyon Road
Pigeon Pass Road and Old Lake Drive
Sunnymead Ranch Parkway and Old Lake Drive
Heacock Street and Parkland Avenue
Heacock Street and Manzanita Avenue
Heacock Street and Gregory Lane

Traffic signal maintenance staff will monitor the signals during the power outage to address any unforeseen conditions. Traffic delays are expected to be minimal. However, motorists are encouraged to take alternative routes when traveling through the area. For more information, please contact Eric Lewis, City Traffic Engineer, at (951) 413 -3140.