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City Helps Pet Owners: Free Spay & Neuter Limited Time Offer

The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter is offering free spay and neuter services for Pit-bull and Pit-bull mix dogs to Moreno Valley residents who qualify as low income. The offer can be redeemed during a limited time, with vouchers distributed on a first-come first serve basis at the Shelter. In the City of Moreno Valley, pet owners are required to spay and neuter their dogs. This free spay and neuter program will help low income residents comply with the requirement and become a part of the ongoing effort to reduce pet overpopulation.

Altering pets provides several positive impacts to individual households as well as the community by reducing the number of unwanted litters, increasing the health of pets as medical evidence suggests, and, of course, helping to control overpopulation at the Animal Shelter.

Free spay and neuter program vouchers can be redeemed by City of Moreno Valley residents with proof of residency such as a valid ID that reflects a current address along with a copy of a current utility bill. Residents will also need to provide proof of income and will qualify for this program under the low income limits as published by the Housing Authority of Riverside County. Qualifying dogs must be a Pit-bull or Pit-bull mix, at least 4 months or older and healthy. Pets currently impounded at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter are not eligible.

Vouchers are limited as the offer remains valid until funding is no longer available. A spay or neuter voucher will be issued to residents at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter. No more than 4 vouchers will be issued per household. Vouchers are to be used at designated veterinary clinics. Residents are encouraged to make an appointment to have their pet altered as soon as possible.

For more information about this limited time offer, contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790.