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Mayor Pro Tem Attends Prestigious USC
Sol Price School of Public Policy Forum

Moreno Valley’s Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez attended USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy Executive Education Forum to further develop his understanding of current public issues and provide keen leadership and policy direction for the betterment of Moreno Valley.

The two-day event included a variety of distinguished speakers on key public policy topics such as:

  • Environmental Leadership and Innovations. Even with decades of public education working to drive waste reduction and increase environmentally focused behavior, there is still work to do with just 50% of waste being recycled.

  • The Magic of Relationships in Leadership. Moving relationships from interactions or transactions, to relationships built on increased capacity for creative expression is necessary for effective leadership.

  • Demographics in California. Securing jobs locally for youth is the key to developing communities with successful economic growth and improved quality of life for families. Increasing the number of jobs for younger members of the community also contributes to resolving national issues, such as social security.

  • Housing Policy. Statewide there is a shortage of housing with a need for increased, quality affordable housing.

  • Decision and Risk Analysis for Public Leaders. Decision analysis must include forward thinking with the understanding that all decisions made today impact future generations.

“I believe in lifelong learning and that in order to make the best policy decisions for the City and future generations, I must continue to learn more about the social, economic, and political issues facing Moreno Valley, the State and the nation” says, Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Gutierrez. “I will continue to actively learn more for the advancement of Moreno Valley.”

The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy works to improve the quality of life for people and their communities, here and abroad. That work is achieved through education and research that promote innovative solutions to the most critical issues facing society. For information about the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy Executive Education programs go to:

To contact the Council Office, please call 951.413.3008.