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Vote Now for Kim Carter CNN Hero

Vote Now for Kim Carter CNN Hero:

You have the exciting opportunity to help choose Kim Carter as the CNN Hero of the Year! You can vote online at from now until Sunday, November 15. This is the first time anyone from the Inland Empire has received this singular honor. Each Top Ten Hero receives $10,000 and will be recognized during an all-star tribute on CNN on Sunday, December 6.

Ms. Carter has shared her story of how she cycled in and out of incarceration and homelessness until she decided it was time for a change. Now her nonprofit, Time for Change Foundation, helps hundreds of women in similar circumstances reclaim their lives. The group provides housing, counseling and job training, as well as services to help women reunite with their children.

Ms. Carter has said, “I call homeless women and children “invisible” people. We pretend that we don't see them. But I see them. And I know there's something we can do to help them."  Since 2002, more than 800 women—many of them formerly incarcerated—have benefited from the Time for Change Foundation program.

Time for Change Foundation provides support services for The Hole in Wall Inc., a non-profit corporation in Moreno Valley, providing charitable services for rehabilitation and recovery opportunities for those in transition, with a significant emphasis on shelter for the homeless, and a clean and safe environment for 12-step meetings and other community events.

Through her tireless efforts, Kim Carter has been named a Top Ten CNN Hero for 2015.