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Moreno Valley Utility Takes Actions
to Correct Subcontractor Billing Error

ENCO Utility Services, which operates Moreno Valley’s electrical utility, has informed the City that its billing subcontractor inadvertently processed extra charges to some customers who pay their bills via credit card.  Charges have been reversed, and ENCO is making telephone contact with the 174 customers affected by this situation.

ENCO assures the City that this situation does not involve any type of external access to customer data, and that there has been no breach of system security.

The error occurred on July 22 as Datawest, a subcontractor to ENCO Utility Services,  was testing its billing process and inadvertently used the live data software rather than a test database.  As a result, charges were placed on credit cards of 174 customers. All payments have been voided, the customer’s accounts corrected and the customers affected are being contacted directly to explain what occurred.  The customers are being advised that they will be reimbursed for any bank fees that may result from this charge.

The safety and security of our customers is the Moreno Valley Utility’s top priority. Customers are asked to please contact MVU immediately at (844) 341-6469 with any additional questions or requests for information.