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Moreno Valley Utility Alert

Moreno Valley Utility (MVU) has recently become aware of scams affecting its customers.

Wire-Back Scam: This scam includes a letter that appears to be from the utility. A check is enclosed for a large sum of money.  The sender provides a telephone number to call for instructions. When the number is called, the person instructs you to cash or deposit the check, keep part of the money and then wire the balance to the sender. Shortly thereafter you receive notice that the check has been returned for non-sufficient funds or no such bank account. The funds you wired are gone, and you are responsible for repaying the banking institution.

Demand for Payment Scam: Scammers are calling residents and impersonating our utility staff, claiming to be collecting on late bills. The person on the line tells you that you are late and you need to pay immediately, or your power will be turned off. However, instead of accepting payment by credit card or check, the caller wants you to pay by prepaid debit card or wire the money.

If you receive a suspicious letter or call from someone claiming to be from Moreno Valley Utility, please be cautious.

Safety Tips

  • If you receive a check from an unknown company, do not deposit or cash it.
  • If you do receive a call or a letter with a check, always verify it by calling either the company on the check or our customer service center at (844) 341-6469.
  • Be cautious about the personal information you share via email, phone or the Internet.
  • Make sure to shred all bills before throwing them in the trash.

Moreno Valley Utility is working with the Moreno Valley Police Department on this matter.  The safety and security of our residents is our top priority and we encourage residents to contact us immediately at (844) 341-6469 if fraudulent activity is suspected.