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$20,000 Grant Awarded to Moreno Valley Animal Shelter

The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter was awarded a $20,000 grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to help with the construction of a “healthy dog” intake area. The construction project will add 12 dog kennels just outside of the main kennel area. The new intake kennel area will help reduce the spread of illness among the existing canine population. It will have security and privacy fencing, and shelter to protect the dogs from inclement weather. Construction is set to begin in June, with completion expected within approximately 90 days.

Overall, the additional intake kennels will help maintain healthier dogs to be adopted into new homes and transferred to rescue partners. The new “healthy dog” intake area provides the initial isolation needed to identify potential health issues with incoming dogs during the first 24 hours. Animal Shelter staff members expect to see reductions in disease transmission to other dogs, a reduction in veterinary medical costs associated in treating dogs with highly contagious upper respiratory illnesses, an increase in live return rates and an enhanced operational efficiencies, allowing staff to spend more time on adoptions and transfers.

“The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter sincerely appreciates the ASPCA’s generous contribution to this important project,” said Steve Fries, Moreno Valley’s Animal Services Division Manager. “We also wish to extend thanks specifically to Dr. Tami McReynolds, DVM, Senior Director of Shelter Outreach Services for the ASPCA, who spent time at our facility. Her evaluation provided recommendations to improve operational efficiencies such as the ‘healthy dog’ intake kennel.”

For more information about this grant award by the ASPCA, contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790 or visit the City’s web site at and go to the Animal Shelter’s page.