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  • COVID-19 Closure Info.

    COVID-19, MVU, and You

    The City of Moreno Valley Utility will provide assistance to customers affected by COVID-19.

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  • Solar Panels.

    Solar Application Update

    Solar applications must be submitted by e-mail including the requests for SCE customers.

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    Meet the MyMVU App

    Get secure 24/7 access to your MVU account, payment options and electricity usage tracking. It's fast, free, and available for Apple and Android devices.

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    Award-winning Reliability

    MVU has won national recognition for electric service reliability.

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    Energy Efficiency Programs

    See how you can save money by purchasing energy-efficient devices.

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The Moreno Valley Utility provides safe, reliable, and economical public electric service with a focus on innovative customer solutions, infrastructure enhancement, community development, and environmentally responsible resource management.


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Scammers continue to target utility customers. Typically, they pose as utility "collection" employees and threaten to disconnect electric service unless a payment is made immediately using a pre-paid cash card or other quick method. This is a scam. We don't want you to fall victim to it.
Learn more about scam calls and what to do about them...

City Hall Annex Solar Carports and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
The City Hall Annex Solar Carports is connected to the utility’s distribution grid and was brought on-line in March 2021. The Annex Solar Carports completes the second phase of solar carports installed at the City Hall complex. In conjunction with the solar carports, three electric vehicle charging stations were installed.

Two Level 2 chargers that can fully charge some electric vehicles in just four hours. These chargers were partially funded with a grant by the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC).The third charging station is a Level 3 charger which is capable of providing an 80% charge in 30 minutes.
Learn more about the carport and charging stations.

MVU Customers Get Extra Time to Pay Bills, and May Also Qualify for Covid-19 Discount
The Mayor and City Council have unanimously approved a new Covid-19 Utility Assistance program for Moreno Valley Utility (MVU) electricity customers that includes a Covid-19 discount for qualifying customers.

MVU has received calls of SCAMMERS threatening to shut off electrical service to our customers. To assist our customers during this difficult time and potential financial hardship, MVU has suspended service disconnections and late fees until further notice. Learn more about this scam...

COVID-19, MVU, and You
The City of Moreno Valley Utility will provide assistance to customers affected by COVID-19. Read more about the closure...

In the interest of our customers’ safety and the safety of our employees, we are closing our walk-in office until further notice.

MVU SCAM ALERT: Con Artists Call Claiming to be from MVU or SCE
The City of Moreno Valley has been made aware that residents of Moreno Valley and other areas of southern California are being targeted by con artists who are impersonating Moreno Valley Utility (MVU) and Southern California Edison (SCE) staff in an attempt to fraudulently collect payments on supposed late electricity bills.
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Moreno Valley Utility's Electric Reliability Wins National Praise
Moreno Valley Utility (MVU) has been recognized nationally for what MoVal customers already appreciate: Our community-owned electric service is amazingly reliable. While the national average length of power outages in 2018 was a whopping 135 minutes, the average outage in Moreno Valley lasted less than eight minutes.
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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
The Moreno Valley City Hall parking lot boasts three Electric Vehicle charging stations available for public use. Two of the units are Level 2 chargers that can fully charge some electric vehicles in just four hours, along with a fast charge station, which can provide an 80% charge of an electric vehicle in just 30 minutes.
Read more about the charging stations...
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About MVU

Moreno Valley Electric Utility (MVU) was established in 2001 as a publicly-owned utility to serve the growing City of Moreno Valley. The rapid growth of the utility over the last few years has placed MVU in a position to successfully contribute to the economic development goals of the City, helping to attract world-class businesses to the area.
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